The fastest way to Recurring Customers And Better Return On Investments

Why Marketing Funnels?

Consumers have access to more information than ever before and do a great deal more research before making a purchase.
This has increased the price competition and made businesses lower their prices for their products in an attempt to get more customers.
The problem with that is companies are essentially selling commodities, and then it's a race to the bottom of whoever can sell their product the cheapest.
Online sales funnels allow you drive traffic to your website where you can strategically capture leads through a squeeze page, generate sales, identify dream buyers and upsell your customers.

How Old Marketing Worked, And How Marketing Works Now

Twenty or 30 years ago, the mainstream marketing channel was direct mail. Businesses would send out sales letters and brochures that were disguised as free reports.
Business owners used to buy time on television so they could advertise their infomercials. Companies used to advertise on the radio and place ads in the newspaper.
Today's marketing channels have completely changed — though not as much as you may think. Instead of direct mail, businesses use email marketing.
Instead of radio ads, companies use podcasts. Instead of buying TV ads, entrepreneurs leverage YouTube ads. So, really, the strategy is the same, but the tactics have changed.

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