Sorry for delaying you on your way to Craig’s Bank, you’ll be there soon enough but there are some things that would benefit you that we would like you to do before moving on.


I understand how annoying it can be when you run into a problem or a question and you have to put in a support ticket and wait for 24 – 72 hours for a reply. That is Capital F frustrating.

So I am giving everyone who bought Craig’s Bank 1 on 1 Access to me and get replies to your questions and tips to help you along profitability stairway.

All you have to do is click the button below then at the bottom SELECT “Get Started” and you are good to go.


N.B This is not a Facebook group, it is an interactive platform a 100 times more engaging than a Facebook group, and I am inviting you into the group so you can network with like-minded people, share ideas that worked and help each other stay focused.

P.S – Myself and Shardasia will be there to advise, do giveaways and more giveaways… See you on the inside.



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